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Writer's Block: On the (Job) Hunt
Being of age.
end of story.

Maybe if I wish upon a star VMK will come back someday. Isn't that how the song goes?

Maybe if I wish upon a star VMK will come back someday.
Isn't that how the song goes?

VMK wasn't just a Promotion, It was a home. Literally.
I don't know about the other people on vmk, but I made my perfect.
In fact, I made It so perfect I took a picture of it so that if I ever changed my room or accidentally hit clear all [which has happened to me quite a lot] I could just look at the picture and build it again, with my many many crates I owned.
I would spend hours on my rooms, and then invite my friends over so they could tell me how amazing I am.

Who can forget Sky High? It was my school for so long! I loved it there. So many people asked me if I was taken, but, knowing me I would say "Don't do taken...sorry." And also, Bay Side Boarding School. I also resided there, with my best friends for a long long while.

And man o' man do I miss VMK speak.
* [baby]
*tea.anger [teenager]
*he.add [head]
*be.add [bed]
*hat [hate]
*title [what's you're title? as in What's you're name?]
*mummy [mommy]
*afk – away from keyboard [I have that embedded into my memories because people would say it so much.]
*gg – good game [you were either a poor winner or a sore loser if you didn't say this after playing POTC, Haunted Mansion, or Fireworks]
*gl – good luck [if you didn't say this before the game, you are not a very nice person] 
*dc [disconnected, which happened a lot because of the massive amount of people that played VMK]
*everyone remembers CAPS right? as in: Play Eat Place Pants Ear Race Space Place Rice Aye You, which if you look at all the caps in that sentence it spells: Pepper Spray
*And of course the numbers,
*on [one]
*to [two]
*tree [three]
*for [four]
*ive [five]
*fix [six]
*even [seven]
*Ate [eight]
*mine [nine]
* lO [ten]

I can't even tell you how crazy my imagination was on that  site. I would go to the Emporium with my cousin to shop for school supplies, I would have mummy after mummy after mummy, I would go from tea.anger to and back again. I would try to con guests out of their stuff. I would NEVER fall for the stupid "Wow! That's so cool! Can I try it on?" Gig. I don't want to brag but...I was extremely rich. Bird hat, Sorcerer, Mickey, cowboy pants, space pants, Narnia set, Everest set, Epcot set, a whole lot of crates, invisible magic, confetti magic, bat magic, Safari room, TRON room, explorers tent,  you name it I most likely had it.  

I miss the community leaders, and staff. They were all so nice!

I miss signing in as GreatAce and telling people "My title is Kali An Turner." I miss seeing my best friends everyday, and vs. them in POTC. I miss playing haunted mansion and making sure that guests were on the opposite team, and winning.

Maybe, I'm not crazy or thinking that I'll find another Virtual Site that I can love as much as I loved VMK, or maybe I am crazy, but one thing's for sure. I miss my bird hat and my close friends.

R.I.P. VMK I only hope to see you again.

So long and thanks for all the fish,


FanFic hatred.

do you know what i hate?


it just makes me sooooooo angry that i decided to LJ about it.

i mean really? if you're going to write fan fic GET IT RIGHT or you're going to be publicly humiliated! SERIOUSLY! so that's why i decided, i'm not going to publicly humiliate myself and write a cannon fanfic. i am writing an OC fanfic and let me tell you, it's going pretty good although, i don't think anyone would like to read it. there is only a small encounter with three of the cannon characters in my story,

that's another thing. i kinda hate it when there people write OC fanfic and they like fall in love with the cannon characters when OBVIOUSLY they already have a girlfriend that they are going to marry. those fanfics are just fails. end of story.

so long and thanks for all the fish,

There really is no fathoming the depths of my hatred for taylor swift. end of story.

Yes, if you know avatar the title of this entry is said by Mai in return to Omashu.

So, today my friends who just happens to be thepiano_knows came over. We decided to watch the most amazing movie ever, which just happens to be Aladdin (we were also playing Sims 3 at the same time, but that's another story in itself) and we were like "who is the voice of Aladdin, he must be smokin because his voice is just amazing. Then she had to leave for church. So while she was at church I did a little research.


do you believe that!? I was like NO WAY!!!!!! it made me muy muy excited.

So that, was the highlight of my day. Other then going to chillies and then khols and then martins.

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish,

Shool isn't out.

I don't understand why the last week of school has to be the longest. I am already in the mind-set that school is out, yet I still have Spanish and Geometry finals to take. I have no idea what is going to be on my geometry test since, my teacher died (she didn't really die she just broke her hip) and now we have a long-term sub (which is our 7th sub in 2 months). I’m good with Spanish though! I just took my chem. final and I totally failed that one. I also got back my child development final. I would tell you what I got but...I don't understand scan-tron. I am extremely jealous of private school students and seniors who are already out of school. I am also jealous of my little sister who gets out on the 10th because her school is doing re-construction on the new kindergarten wing. I however, get out on the 12th which, to me is a very long time away from right now. I have two more projects to turn in tomorrow, and after they are turned in I will not do any work. I will sit in class and do nothing.


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