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Maybe if I wish upon a star VMK will come back someday. Isn't that how the song goes?

Maybe if I wish upon a star VMK will come back someday.
Isn't that how the song goes?

VMK wasn't just a Promotion, It was a home. Literally.
I don't know about the other people on vmk, but I made my perfect.
In fact, I made It so perfect I took a picture of it so that if I ever changed my room or accidentally hit clear all [which has happened to me quite a lot] I could just look at the picture and build it again, with my many many crates I owned.
I would spend hours on my rooms, and then invite my friends over so they could tell me how amazing I am.

Who can forget Sky High? It was my school for so long! I loved it there. So many people asked me if I was taken, but, knowing me I would say "Don't do taken...sorry." And also, Bay Side Boarding School. I also resided there, with my best friends for a long long while.

And man o' man do I miss VMK speak.
* [baby]
*tea.anger [teenager]
*he.add [head]
*be.add [bed]
*hat [hate]
*title [what's you're title? as in What's you're name?]
*mummy [mommy]
*afk – away from keyboard [I have that embedded into my memories because people would say it so much.]
*gg – good game [you were either a poor winner or a sore loser if you didn't say this after playing POTC, Haunted Mansion, or Fireworks]
*gl – good luck [if you didn't say this before the game, you are not a very nice person] 
*dc [disconnected, which happened a lot because of the massive amount of people that played VMK]
*everyone remembers CAPS right? as in: Play Eat Place Pants Ear Race Space Place Rice Aye You, which if you look at all the caps in that sentence it spells: Pepper Spray
*And of course the numbers,
*on [one]
*to [two]
*tree [three]
*for [four]
*ive [five]
*fix [six]
*even [seven]
*Ate [eight]
*mine [nine]
* lO [ten]

I can't even tell you how crazy my imagination was on that  site. I would go to the Emporium with my cousin to shop for school supplies, I would have mummy after mummy after mummy, I would go from tea.anger to and back again. I would try to con guests out of their stuff. I would NEVER fall for the stupid "Wow! That's so cool! Can I try it on?" Gig. I don't want to brag but...I was extremely rich. Bird hat, Sorcerer, Mickey, cowboy pants, space pants, Narnia set, Everest set, Epcot set, a whole lot of crates, invisible magic, confetti magic, bat magic, Safari room, TRON room, explorers tent,  you name it I most likely had it.  

I miss the community leaders, and staff. They were all so nice!

I miss signing in as GreatAce and telling people "My title is Kali An Turner." I miss seeing my best friends everyday, and vs. them in POTC. I miss playing haunted mansion and making sure that guests were on the opposite team, and winning.

Maybe, I'm not crazy or thinking that I'll find another Virtual Site that I can love as much as I loved VMK, or maybe I am crazy, but one thing's for sure. I miss my bird hat and my close friends.

R.I.P. VMK I only hope to see you again.

So long and thanks for all the fish,



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